Happy Easter!


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Happy Easter to everybody! Hopefully, you all had a splendid day. I know I did. The husband and I went with my mother, sister, and brother-in-law to the Renaissance. Festival, that is. Best of all? My one-year-old nieces went for the first time! We introduced them to the King, and took them to the fabulous Untrained Dog Show by Fool Hearty. I think we might just have made Rennies out of them. They loved it!


Hotel Villa Convento


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Hotel Villa Convento

Oh, how I dream of sleeping in this bed again! One of the most enjoyable hotels I’ve ever stayed in, and definitely worth a trip back sometime soon.

The Hotel Villa Convento is housed in a historic French Quarter building that was once the infamous House of the Rising Sun. And as an added bonus to our New Orleans experience, as soon as we walked out of the hotel, there was a street performer singing the famous song.

So if you’re ever in New Orleans, stay the night in this wonderful hotel.

Ghosts of Murdered Kings

I am watching Nova’s episode of “Ghosts of Murdered Kings” tonight. I remember when I went to Ireland about eight years ago. While there, I saw the Bog People in a museum in Dublin. It was interesting how well preserved they were. Also interesting was the fact that they and I were wearing the same type of shoes! The only pair of shoes I took to Ireland were my Renaissance moccasins. Coincidentally, they are based on the shoes that the Bog People wore. I looked at their feet, and then down at my own. Then back at their feet. For a brief moment, I felt connected to these people and to their history.


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